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Oct 22

A Story. Dear Diary. A work in progress?

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To whom it may concern

Dear Diary? Dear Diary fuck me what am i doing dear fucking diary get a grip ya tool


Its day……………

Who knows what fucking day it is. Youre writing this because you got bored of talking to yourself then you got bored listening to yourself. Then you got bored talking and listening to yourself in your own head but for some reason you cant shake that voice inside your head. Its your own voice. I think its my voice I haven't spoken to myself in some time, I can't really remember what i sound like. Or you are talking to yourself you just forgot what it's like to talk to someone else that you don't know what you sound like.

How do i know what i'm not sure i know i can really tell anymore


Let's hope nobody finds your “Dear Diary” you soft prick. Wouldn't want anybody thinking you have a potty mouth.

You haven't seen a person in…..Months Years. Shit i dont know a very long fucking time. Well not strictly true…... lots of the dead ones. They don't speak much. Or don't I speak much. Did they talk to me and i stopped talking to them or was it the other way round. No they were the ones that didn't talk at all the ones laying on the floor…….. the walking ones they do….dont they? Theyre angry i know that much.

Maybe you should try signing to yourself. Terrible singing voice…….I think. Can't remember any words just tunes. What the bloody hell was it. Dhum dhum dhum something something The bright something dhuim duhm di dum something Watch them grow….. Fuck me thats annoying.

Bollocks enough tonight put that fire out and sleep…….. OOOO yes boss. Shut up dickhead get some sleep Mr “Dear Diary”

Oct 30

Dear D,,,,,,,,,


Dont you fucking say it


dont you dare you soppy twat




There now what you gonna do. HUH


I saw life the otherday...its taken me this long to process it. It was alive life not dead life im certain of it. Smoked like a chimey and just fire its gun off bang pop bang crack. I ran 10 paces. Youre right you ran you pussy until you realised I dont run. You werent being chased. It didnt even see you. I turn and stood watching it run around collecting things and shoot the dead alive. I wonder what they had said to provoke it... You just stood there staring like a gimp. i could have been one that got shot....... but you werent seen so stop worrying. I found other life too or previous existance.... still looked lived in though. you watch for a while. Bit stalky would you say....... I dont know more intrested I would say i guess. I think the worlds go a little crazy....... Not me though ive got it. Oh sure youre just fine, keep telling yourself that. That god damn song lop on loo on loop. That is driving me crazy. dum di dum dum di dum clouds of something something dum di di dum something something pretty in the sky. dum di di dumm dum di dum.


Stop smiling you idiot you look silly. Oh shut it. makes me happy......................... I think



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  • It's been a week or more since I had last seen a person. We were all up in that town with the summer camp. Something with "Ti" and some other letters I don't know. Our camp was finally attacked by those things and we all fled in different directions. I mean, I'm used to being alone, not like mum and dad were ever there. I ran with the backpack they told us to have at all times. So I have been looking at other summer camps that I find while walking through the towns, but haven't seen anyone. Wish I could just charge my phone somewhere. They said the military would come and save us, but only those things came. So I ran into the hospital in God knows where and then there was this strange and scary man with a million guns. He told me to put my hands up, I panicked. He sounded like he was on drugs, he was twitching, nervous and was talking about how I should have a gun because of the people, that there's bad people out there. He was looking for antibiotics but I think he was probably looking for other drugs. His name was Bob or Bill, can't remember. He said something about coming here to look for his father, then look for his mother, then meeting some Russian dude and living South. Oh yeah and that if I had a radio I could reach him on 94.6. Man, that guy was nuts, he kept trying to give me guns and just said something about optics and lining up shit. I mean, I have never really handled guns I don't even know a quarter of what he said, might as well have spoken Russian. He was warning me of people who eat other people, like, not some of those dead ones. I think he was probably on bath salts himself. He asked me if I had a radio, when I said no he became all paranoid and started running around me like a headless chicken "I don't like this, this doesn't feel alright" - yeah no shitting, tripping man. He also said something about a man living in a cabin or something. On the bright side, I'm so glad I took the can opener from the kitchen before we fled. There's still plenty of cans around, I keep finding them in houses. I should just avoid people, especially people with that many guns.
  • This is written on a couple of loose papers and stuffed in a protector case. A new chapter in my life. Aid stations, uneasy peace, subliminal beef. The quiet before the storm? I've been keeping myself busy, not sure where Joe is half of the time. I don't know where anyone is tbh. Payback's a b*tch. But at least there's some decent people around, the brits and Jason, a new survivor. Well at least he seems decent. Wonder how Ricky and everyone else is doing. Trader base has been ransacked, I'm guessing Woody and Tony. As quickly as someone can enter your life, they're out of it again, with no trace left. Guess that's the world we live in now.
  • Freddy walks into the bar towards the fireplace with a hammer in hand... He looks down at the floor and says to himself.."Let's see if you're still here" He pulls up the floor board and grabs his Diary with a smile on his face... "Can't believe this" he says and sits down and starts to read from the first page.. Day 1 I woke up a few days ago somewhere near Komarovo. Not knowing who else had survived the long and cold swim I started to make my way to the town he saw in the distance. I spent quite a few years in prison and when the news came through that the undead started roaming the streets me and some other prisoners decided to stay on the island as that would be the safest place for them to be. A good few months passed and the few remaining surviving prisoners realized they could not survive on the rations they had left and eating some of the weaker prisoners was not an option so a small group decided to swim to shore. I found myself alone on a foggy coast with little to nothing to survive. Day 2 After waking up: I had managed to find an axe which greatly helped me in making a fire. Earlier today i found a matchbox so all in all happy days. I will strengthen up a little more before i can even think of moving on but I'll have to as i have picked most apples from the tree in the garden behind this house. Day 3 After waking up: I found some warm clothes by going through the other houses and have also found some food and water which should be enough to keep me going for a while so yes i am ready to go.
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