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Jun 4



Freddy walks into the bar towards the fireplace with a hammer in hand... He looks down at the floor and says to himself.."Let's see if you're still here" He pulls up the floor board and grabs his Diary with a smile on his face... "Can't believe this" he says and sits down and starts to read from the first page..


Day 1


I woke up a few days ago somewhere near Komarovo. Not knowing who else had survived the long and cold swim I started to make my way to the town he saw in the distance. I spent quite a few years in prison and when the news came through that the undead started roaming the streets me and some other prisoners decided to stay on the island as that would be the safest place for them to be. A good few months passed and the few remaining surviving prisoners realized they could not survive on the rations they had left and eating some of the weaker prisoners was not an option so a small group decided to swim to shore. I found myself alone on a foggy coast with little to nothing to survive.


Day 2 After waking up:


I had managed to find an axe which greatly helped me in making a fire. Earlier today i found a matchbox so all in all happy days. I will strengthen up a little more before i can even think of moving on but I'll have to as i have picked most apples from the tree in the garden behind this house.


Day 3 After waking up:


I found some warm clothes by going through the other houses and have also found some food and water which should be enough to keep me going for a while so yes i am ready to go.

Day 4 after waking up:


I have managed to reach a city called Chernogorsk but i have decided not to stay because i can see many infected on the streets and I'm not equipped to deal with them. I found a poster on a light post and i can just about make out "Come to Gorka" Luckily for me i found a map and a compass on a corpse that was laying next to the road.. Guess he wasn't as lucky as i am so far but hey, thanks dude, you were a great help.

Day 7 after waking up:


After walking for days i think i have finally made it to Gorka, I came across an abandoned airfield on my way here and it seems everyone who didn't die got out of there in a hurry. A few infected soldiers still roam around but i managed to avoid them and actually find some good stuff. I now look less like a convict and more like a soldier.. Sigh, if only i could find some ammo for this AK74. Looking through my scope i can see some people on the streets of Gorka but they all seem to be running around like headless chickens. I sneaked my way into the small graveyard next to the church and hid behind an army tent someone put there.... Fuck someone was coming and i raised my axe "Omg you scared the shit out of me! I...I.... I am the Mayor of Gorka and you really scared me" he continued. I told him my name and apologized for scaring him. He seemed upset and i asked him why there was people in the street shouting murder and pointing fingers. He told me it was because two people who were townsfolk had been killed in a field. I don't know who these two people were and i thought I'd better not ask to much as he seemed upset enough as it was. I left town and went for a nap just outside of Gorka at a place called Altar i believe.

Day 8 after waking up.


I made my way back to Gorka and it seemed the peace had returned. I met up with a lot of people and spoke to a lot of people without telling them who i actually was other than my name. I did tell a few people i did a stint in prison but that's all they need to know for now.. I will not tell anyone what i was in for yet.


After a few hours of talking to people i got a clearer picture of what happened the night before. The two victims were Norma and Mike and apparently they got killed by Caspian, although he claims Mike was killed by someone called "The Farmer" and Norma got killed in the crossfire after Caspian took "The Farmer" down. A guy called Scott had taken the bodies in the back of his car and had driven of.


I had a sleep for a few hours in the police station and when i came out i walked into a man holding a fully decked out M4. I introduced myself as Freddy and he introduced himself as Caspian... Without even knowing the man i asked him why everyone wanted him dead and he told me his side of the story of what happened the night before. As i want to stay neutral i said "Wow that's fucked up" and he nodded. He told me he was gonna try and get out of town before people noticed he was gone and like a ghost he just disappeared. I seriously do not know who to trust in this town and even though the mayor has given me a house I'm not sure staying here as a neutral person will work out for the better. I heard Norma and Mike were loved among other town people and look what happened to them.


Skinny Pete...


It's been months since i last came to Gorka and damn the shit i got into... sigh... well here i go. After a few weeks of hanging around Gorka i met up with a few people that i started to hang out with "friends?" I guess so. Anna was the first person i ran into.. Sigh, if i had only known what this woman would get me in to i would have shot her on the spot.


I remember one night, we were sitting around the camp fire. Anna, Jason, Jake, Dima, Roach, Smokey, Red Rabbit and me when all of a sudden we saw a person emerge from the shadows "Name is Skinny Pete yo, who are you motherfuckers?" he said,. Instantly i started laughing and told him my name was Freddy. "Nice to meet you fool" he said. He told us that he knew about a camp that was run by two Russians who had links with Caspian and he invited us to tag along as he could do with the extra fire power if needed. I nodded and told him i would come along and i was joined by Roach, Red Rabbit and Anna. He pointed at a rusty old truck and told us to get in the back where we got introduced to his friend Tars. Tars seemed a bit of an odd ball and i didn't trust him from the first second i saw him but decided to go ahead with the base raid. It was about half an hour into our 2 hour drive to the base and Skinny and Anna got into a fight. Anna started by saying Skinny had no balls and after Skinny stopped the truck she pointed her M4 right at his head. I told both of them to chill the fuck out and get back in the truck so we could go ahead with the plan. Anyway, we did the raid, cleared the base out and split up.

A few days after the raid i ran into Skinny in Stary Sobor and his attitude had changed, he walked up to me and asked me why i was still hanging out with "that bitch" I told him that she was actually not as bad as he thought she was, just a tad crazy with a good heart. Skinny and me ran back to Gorka and from there it went fast. He challenged me to a fist fight in front of about 15 people and i accepted. Being an ex con this fake ass gangster would be no match. It took me a few good punches but he went down to the pavement and when he got back up he called me a motherfucker and walked off. Little did i know that Anna pointing her M4 at him and me knocking him the fuck out would cause the war we got into.


A few days after the fight our group of friends decided to head to NWA and do a quick loot run but we never expected to get ambushed by Skinny and Tars when we tried to leave the Airfield. Both Skinny and Tars opened fire on our truck and i think it was pure luck no one died on the spot. We managed to get away and the war Skinny wanted was declared and the Black Plague was born. Our purpose was simple, Skinny had to die!

It didn't take long for us to find Skinny and we traced him back to Berezhino where we boxed him in but the little pussy (Anna was right all along) hid in a crane making it nearly impossible to get to him. I told our guys to stay put and take their positions. Dima, Jake, Smokey, Roach (Michael) all took there positions and we waited.


Little did we know that Kim made it back to Gorka and she managed to recruit some people to aid Skinny in his battle. In the meanwhile our guys were getting hungry and lost focus and once the gunfire started outside both Anna and me had no idea that we were the losing side. Only Anna, Skinny, me and some other little shit made it out alive. Anna went back the next day to confirm that our men were dead and she contacted me on the radio saying... "They.... they... are.... all.... sorry i got to go..." Once i heard Skinny had survived i came up with the plan to hunt his men down 1 by 1. The first one we took out was the little shit who ran around Gorka bragging he killed Smokey. We tricked him into Polana where Anna gave him the kiss of death.


After a while we slowly started to find out that Skinny had also lost people including Tars and the Red Rabbit who had gone against us. Kim who had helped him out so much in the past hung out with us a lot after the whole Berezhino battle but little did she know that i was aware of her plans from day 1. I had one of our Black Plague members infiltrate Skinny's group and he told me everything about Kim relaying all info back to Skinny. We gave her information that I wanted Skinny to have like "Freddy is dead" and he fell for it.

I went to coast once I made Skinny believe i was dead and i stayed there for a few weeks to come up with a new plan of attack when all of a sudden it hit me... Anna! She is the cause of all this shit, she started it all by first insulting him and then threaten to kill him.. Her death will end it all.


I gathered my stuff and went on route to Devils Castle, Joe had contacted me and told me they had a little settlement based around the bar at the foot of the mountain. I contacted other members of The Plague and Stanley replied to my call. I told him to meet me in Gorka and from there we would go to the Castle and assassinate Anna.


After a days few i reached Gorka and met up with Stanley and together we went to meet up with Anna and Joe. "So you have finally come back" Anna said. I told her what i thought of the whole situation and that the war had to end. "You are the cause of this Anna!" I said and she replied "I know, so what now?" Sigh... ""I came here to kill you but now that i am here i just can't do it dammit" and she replied "So what now? With me alive Skinny will never end this war" and i replied "Yes, this is why you need to vanish. Joe will take your sword to James and you will be gone until Skinny is dead" She nodded and i gave her a gillie suit so it would be easier for her to hide and told them i needed to go back to Gorka to sort some stuff out. Joe told me he would keep her safe and I left.

Jun 4Edited: Jun 4


2 days after my meeting with Anna and Joe i was running back to Devils Castle and half way there i heard static on my radio... Static Anyone on this frequency? Static I grabbed my radio from my backpack and replied "Yes Joe it's me, over" Static Freddy, it's done... Static Skinny Pete is dead, i repeat Skinny Pete is dead!*** With a large grin on my face i replied. "I will be at the castle soon, over" A good few hours later i emerged from the woods and i saw the bar in the distance, i started running faster and once i reached the bar Joe walked up to me and handed me Skinny's Bandana and Kims rifle. He told me Skinny had mistaken Kim for Anna and he shot Kim in the chest killing her instantly. Joe pointed his gun at Skinny who started running away from the situation and shot him straight in the head.


I walked into the bar where i met back up with Anna who had already got rid of the Gillie suit and had her iconic black clothing back on.. I looked at her and we nodded at each other. She thanked me and smiled. Stanley who had stayed at bar to help out Joe was in a state of shock after Kim earlier pressed her rifle to his head. I'm quite sure he had never been in a situation like this before so it must have been scary as fuck. Joe told me that Skinny had heard Jake and James on the radio and when he found out Anna was "dead" Kim and him came to bar right away to see her dead body... I told everyone "I love it when a plan comes together, but never expected it to come this fast" Seeing Skinny and Kim were dead i told Anna that the Black Plague was no longer needed and we could go back to normal... Sigh... Normal... I know it will not take long for Anna to piss someone else off but...


I will have to carry on without her and it's gonna be hard but being around someone who is so self destructive and doesn't seem to think her choices through is harder.


Normal.. pah! That's what it was supposed to be but yet again it got fucked up! Finally we managed to get out of the hell hole Gorka and set up a nice trading camp at Devils Castle but is it gonna last? Probably not. It went really well the first few weeks, so good even that we moved Cleetus's "The Community" to the castle after Bazz had taken control. It took us a few days to set up but once we did it felt good, we finally had a good spot where we could build towards a better tomorrow. As i guess it always goes it didn't last long, both the bar and castle groups decided to have a bbq at the castle and it was great fun. After a few hours most of us decided we could use some good sleep, Anna went back down to the bar and Clive (one of guards) went down with her to make sure she got there safely. It's all a bit vague on what happened when they got back to the castle but from what i heard from Anna they were ambushed as soon as they got to the bar. "Cannibals" Anna said they were and they shot and killed Clive nearly instantly leaving her alone with these strange people.

They told her they wanted Anna to provide them with ammo and weapons weekly and Anna accepted leading to a lot of mixed opinions in both camps. Now i have been next to her for a long time, protecting her from harm but because Anna is making stupid choices i can no longer guarantee her safety. First she makes a pact with the cannibals, then she brings in Cleetus's murderer and took care of him when he got sick and now lastly she left me behind at the safe location i created for her. The guards Steve, Paul, Ethan and Jason went with her and i can appreciate this but for me it's done, i can not protect you anymore Anna you let me down once again and you will get more and more people killed, Clive, Joe and April were only the first of many to come. You left the safe location and when Jason and me tried to talk to you when we got to the Castle you thought ignoring us would solve it all.


A few days went by and i had to see how she was doing, Jason and me filled one of the sedans with weapons and made our way to the Castle, we had a short stop in Gorka and picked up a man named Frank. Once he introduced himself i had my Glock in hand ready to blow his brains out but we found out it was not the same Frank as the one i'm gonna hang from the top of our camp. Once we dropped of this dude at NWA we drove on to the Castle and as soon as we drove up hill i noticed an eery silence, no people, no shooting the undead, no one greeting us in... Nothing! I jumped out of the car and out of the bushes came a dude who claimed he was part of the Crimson Enclave and he asked me how i was doing? While scoping out the area i told him i'm good, "So whats going on" was my next question and he said. "well you know Sarah or Anna, what ever her name is?" Yes whats up with her? And then it hit me "She's dead" i pointed my gun at him and told him to run but before he ran he told me Jared and Thomas were responsible for her death and to check the green house. At this time more people had arrived and i told everyone to "fucking leave the area" or i would be dropping everyone. In pure rage i ran over to the house and found her dead, picked up the body and lifted her to the car "Jason, open the boot, we're not gonna leave her here" We started the car and slowly people started coming out of hiding watching us drive off but they all just looked at us and lowered their heads.

After i buried her in a place where only i would know where she was i spoke to the others at our Trade Post and told them what happened. They thought i was awfully quite and asked me what i wanted to do next. "We end this bar NOW" was my answer. We loaded up the cars and trucks and in convoy we made our way back to the castle. Once we arrived many more people had gotten word of what happened and came to the castle, we fired a few round into the air and told everyone there "This bar has now been reclaimed and every single item here belongs to us, anyone who does leave now will be shot" It took us a good few hours to gather most of the good stuff and once we had decided to leave the tents behind i had one last look at the bar.

Today I was sitting at Black lake, The bar seems to be running well, people seem to be enjoying the 3 communities working together but for some reason I just can't settle down... I shot a guy in the head point blank yesterday in front of the bar just cause he annoyed me... The death toll at this place has become insane and i think i have gone insane with it....


I'll visit Anna's grave later today and I will make my way North.. I wont tell anyone where I'm going and maybe one day I'll return... If there is anything to return to by then..



So yes the diary was still here, the bar is still here but where is everyone? It must have been a year at least since i left.. Mac, Bazz, Rebecca, Raj, Amanda, Jason... where the fuck is everyone... All i found roaming about here was some odd woman called Naomi who reminds me a lot of Anna but I'm not sure if that's a good thing.. She introduced herself by pointing her rifle at me.. Instead of getting angry i smiled and welcomed her inside.. My trip away has done me good because had she done the same a year ago i would have gutted her.


A lot of shit must have gone down here seeing her friend is buried here. I know it wasn't our community who got him killed as she told me he killed himself... Also she never mentioned anyone else being at the bar and she had been scoping it out for a long time..


Novy summer camp is also empty and it seems a few more people after Bazz have been there... The black Castle community is also gone so I'm assuming their all either dead or left just like me..


For now i'll chill here at the bar. Naomi pops in every now and then to have a chat and it's all good...

It's been a long day,


Finally met up with Joe and Lucy.. I tried the radio to see whom i could reach and Joe told me to come over to the castle as he could help me set back up.. Unfortunately he gave me the wrong M4 so i had to go back later on. Once there i met up with Lucy as well and they both seemed so friendly and helped me on my way with food, petrol and a replacement M4 which i will return to them once i get my own one fixed. It's good to see there is good people in this rotten world..


Lucy asked me a little favor for when i returned to Black Lake... She handed me a note and asked me to place it at Hanks grave... So i did, it was the least i could for her after She and Joe helped me out so much.






Freddy lifts up the floorboard and grabs his diary...


I've been hanging around this bar for weeks now and i must the say the silence is getting to me. I think the best thing for me to do would be to move more inland as I've seen an interesting place while i was out scavenging. I don't know where Naomi is or if she's even still alive I've not seen her here, or she was here but didn't want to be seen... I just don't know..


I've been to Joe's castle only to find out that Joe and Lucy have left the place behind.. Hopefully they're alright and safe..



Jul 14


So I've established a new home.. Put some fencing up boarded the windows and it feels good.. Got a little creek behind the house, nice forest around me and some towns fairly close. I rand into a girl called Sasha. Poor girl told me she was shot in the leg a few days prior and when i asked her about who it was she refused to tell me and i left it at that. I hope she's gonna be alright by herself but so far she seems to have done well. Haven't heard anything From Joe, Lucy or Naomi so I'm gonna assume they're fine up North.. My radio call never reached Joe i suppose.. I'm gonna leave the bar intact and use it as a hub for when i travel back East.. well.. Until it rots away..

Jul 16

What a hectic few days I've had. It seems there is a lot more survivors around than i initially thought. I've met quite a few people over the last few days. Guy called Billy, guy called Skinner and a girl called Ali or Amy.. Every time i meet her i seem to have just had a bottle of Vodka down the back of my throat so i forget easy.


She's running around with a knife and seems to very skilled at taking down the walkers with it but I do wanna teach her how to shoot because I'm afraid she might get caught up in something worse.. She told me a few things about this Militia i heard about on the radio and how they took her to a labor camp somewhere South..


I'm trying to stay out of all the politics in and around Chernarus and just live a simple life in my lil old house but teaching her a few things to make her bit more capable of defending herself can not be a bad thing and is something i feel i need to do.. I did the same for Amanda and here I am hoping she's still alive using the things we all thought her back at the bar to her advantage

Jul 20Edited: Jul 20

My near demise but she will be fine,


My god that was close.. Naomi contacted me on the radio.. Glad she's still alive. I guess she didn't know about Joe and Lucy leaving up North as she sounded quite surprised when i told her. She told me was somewhere NW and was looking for a car.. a car! Is she leaving as well? Guess only time will tell.


Anyway, after the call i made my way to Stary Sobor for a quick loot run as i was running low on ammo and food. I snuck around and all was going well until i got surprised by a walker i had not picked up on, in a panic i decided to gun him down which in return led to a nearby horde being alerted and coming straight to my location blocking me in a guard tower. I sat there for a good few minutes trying to pop them off one by one until i reached the point where i had fully ran out of ammo and thought this was gonna be it when all of a sudden out of the shadows a man appeared who popped off the walkers one by one allowing me to come down. "You saved my life" I said to him and very calmly he said "Yes yes i did" He introduced himself as Lei and i introduced myself to him before i asked him how i could repay him the favor. Now seeing he seemed to enjoy hunting i handed him my night vision goggles and explained how to use them and how it would make it so much easier for him to hunt in the dark.


Lei thanked me for the goggles and seemed really happy with them.. He asked me for one more thing which was a leather sewing kit.. I did not have it on me at the time but told him i would make sure I would get him one. We separated ways and i told him we would meet again.


From there on out i made my way to "The Needle" to see if Alli was there but she wasn't.. I took a sip of water from the water pump when i heard shots coming from Zelenogorsk. I rushed my way over there following the shots to the military outpost at the edge of town only to find Skinner walking around. I asked him if he was the one shooting and he told me he hadn't. We went to have a look around and found a pile of walker corpses outside one of the barracks and inside we found a very scared Alli with a gun in her hand..."Did.. Did i kill them?" she asked and i replied with a big smile on my face.."You sure as fuck did"


Skinner had given her a handgun a few days ago and i guess she figured out how to use it.. even though she managed to get out of that one and I'm so proud she did i do need to train her on using an AK or something like that.. Handguns only hold a few round and if your aim is off walkers will walk straight the puny bullets coming from them. She might be scared to use an AK but I don't want see her in that kind of trouble again. Thinking about it.. A scorpion or VSS might even be better.. Much lighter.


All in all, i nearly met my demise but ended up with a proud smile on my face.. This girl will be just fine.. And even though Skinner is a grumpy dude I know for a fact he looks out for her just as much as I do but, we wont be around for ever and if she ever ends up all by herself at least i want to know she's capable of protecting herself against humans or walkers..



Jul 22

Spoke to Alli yesterday, she was at "the needle" shooting some walkers. She had a terrified look on her face and asked her what was wrong. She told me someone had laid out the words "You Die" at her house with nails. I asked her if she knew who could have done it and she said she didn't have a clue but that Skinner told her someone had driven away in a white sedan.


Damnit this feels like Amanda all over again. Amanda was older and perhaps more ignorant than this brave girl but still. I don't know where i developed this caring side.. Maybe Amanda made me soft but still i feel the urge to protect this girl from harm.


I've packed up my place in the woods and made my way closer to where Alli is located so i can keep an eye on her. I'm glad to see she's keeping of the roads but she should seriously not detach her silencer.


She was OK with the idea of me training her to shoot a rifle so hopefully soon i can do so and she can defend herself even better.

Jul 30



Moved again!.. Cool place though.. Skinner had cleared Kabanino of the present walkers and burned em all and put up some barriers at the entrances to the town.. The silence was once again getting to me at the damn barn and so i picked up and left for Kab.. Started building a "small" accommodation which you can hardly spot...From 2 miles out..


I left Alli a note on her little compound in the woods telling her to come to Kab and set up there... When she arrived Skinner and I were pulling her leg a little about the "Present" that was left for me but she knows we're only kidding and joking with her.


Was good seeing her again and I'm so glad to see her handling the rifle i gave her like a pro. I even let her try my Mcmillan and even though she slightly hurt her shoulder from the punch of the shot she handled it well and dropped a walker on the other side of town.


I helped her a little while she was setting up her new house, she wanted to think about it first but i pushed her to just settle in and stay here as i don't want her out in the woods by herself. Would not forgive myself if something would happen to her. At least now Skinner and me can keep an eye on her and make sure she is alright.


Jeez, The North has really turned me into a softie or she just brings the actual person with a heart out of me... Amanda even though i was tough on her did the same to me but i just wanted her and now Alli to survive.

Aug 15Edited: Aug 15

Bless her,


She wants to be just like me. Even though i told her of my past!... Gosh.... I've told her so many things but also made sure i pointed out that what ever i did in my past was for the good and not because I'm some psychopath who was out to kill people for fun.


Seeing her run through town making fun of people is just too funny and i find myself going along with it..."Napoleon" It still cracks me up. I hope other people can see her innocence and act accordingly and stop taking the piss out of her.


She's a young girl but i can see how she grows and how she is willing to learn from us, willing to do what it takes to survive and to build to a new tomorrow. She might be a stubborn girl but she never gives me any trouble or gets smart with me and i suppose that's a good thing.


It makes me smile to see her so happy and not thinking of all the bad shit that is creeping up around us when she is in town but i also love the fact she can now flip the switch and be on her guard when she needs to be. She's becoming better at sneaking around even more than she already did, she's learned how to drive, she's really good with her little VSS and hopefully in time she'll just observe instead of saying what she thinks and keeps that for the right moment.


She told me that caring for her will make me weak and i told her that i'm still very capable to be vicious when i need to be and i will not lose track of who i am in this world and what i need to do to survive. Now i just have her to protect just as much as i protect myself.


...... A few days ago Mitchell drove up to my compound and asked me if he could speak to me which i agreed to. I had already gathered a little information so kinda knew what he was coming with but i still gave him the chance to explain himself. He told me that Bill came up with a plan to hook up with the Soldiers at Green Mountain and once that had been set in plan he would pin all the shit on Skinner and they would come to clean out Kabanino. Now, Skinner and me talked to Bill and even though it was a tense situation i do not believe that Bill came up with that plan.


Mitchell also told me that he and Sasha had the plan to take care of Ally at which point something in my head snapped. I contacted the Green Mountain guys and asked them if they had all the info the needed from Mitchell and they told me that his purpose had been served. I asked Mitchell a few more questions and told him that i was a reasonable man who is willing to let things slide but that when he mentioned Ally I could not get over what was going through my head... They will NOT harm her! I put my Mcmillan on the back of his head and pulled the trigger his brains splashing on the piano in my compound.


I put his body in the back of his own car and drove off to rogovo where i left it on a dirt road with a note saying his body is a warning to anyone who tries to hurt her.


I spoke to Ally later on during the day and told her what i had done and her cold reaction made me realize that she knows that killing someone who could be a threat to you is something we can live with. She told me again that me caring for her would make me weak but i brushed it off and laughed, "Shut up you" she laughed as well and we split ways but not before she poked her head around the corner and said "Freddy...Thank you"


I've never had a daughter but i will protect her as one!


Bless her!

Aug 20

Hectic times,


It was a "ladies and gentlemen We got him" moment when Skinner stabbed his knife into bills chest and forked his heart out.. I guess he did warn Bill it was coming. Bill's plans, Mitchell's confessions and the info we got from the Green Mountain crew made us decide to come up with a plan to lure Bill from his compound.. Still can't believe he fell for it so easy but he did and after listening to him trying to save his ass for god knows how long Skinner had enough and killed him.


I think Sasha has found Mitchell's car because when i had a look the other day someone had broken his finger and left it in the "fuck you" position and also left a shotgun in the car. I had a little chuckle and got into the car and drove off..


Later that day I left Mitchell's body deep in the woods.. I suppose the wolves will find him sooner or later.


Ally had me worried sick when i drove up to her place and saw she had packed up again. Her reason was because i told Skinner about it. She seems close to Skinner but not close enough to trust him with knowing her location. It puzzles me why she wouldn't trust him but hey it's her choice. I'm sure she wont tell me where she is located now but to be fair, i want her to be in Kab with us specially with 1 of those wet wipes still out there.


We'll see what happens...





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  • To whom it may concern Dear Diary? Dear Diary fuck me what am i doing dear fucking diary get a grip ya tool Hello Its day…………… Who knows what fucking day it is. Youre writing this because you got bored of talking to yourself then you got bored listening to yourself. Then you got bored talking and listening to yourself in your own head but for some reason you cant shake that voice inside your head. Its your own voice. I think its my voice I haven't spoken to myself in some time, I can't really remember what i sound like. Or you are talking to yourself you just forgot what it's like to talk to someone else that you don't know what you sound like. How do i know what i'm not sure i know i can really tell anymore FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK Let's hope nobody finds your “Dear Diary” you soft prick. Wouldn't want anybody thinking you have a potty mouth. You haven't seen a person in….. Months Years. Shit i dont know a very long fucking time. Well not strictly true…... lots of the dead ones. They don't speak much. Or don't I speak much. Did they talk to me and i stopped talking to them or was it the other way round. No they were the ones that didn't talk at all the ones laying on the floor…….. the walking ones they do….dont they? Theyre angry i know that much. Maybe you should try signing to yourself. Terrible singing voice…….I think. Can't remember any words just tunes. What the bloody hell was it. Dhum dhum dhum something something The bright something dhuim duhm di dum something Watch them grow….. Fuck me thats annoying. Bollocks enough tonight put that fire out and sleep…….. OOOO yes boss. Shut up dickhead get some sleep Mr “Dear Diary”
  • It's been a week or more since I had last seen a person. We were all up in that town with the summer camp. Something with "Ti" and some other letters I don't know. Our camp was finally attacked by those things and we all fled in different directions. I mean, I'm used to being alone, not like mum and dad were ever there. I ran with the backpack they told us to have at all times. So I have been looking at other summer camps that I find while walking through the towns, but haven't seen anyone. Wish I could just charge my phone somewhere. They said the military would come and save us, but only those things came. So I ran into the hospital in God knows where and then there was this strange and scary man with a million guns. He told me to put my hands up, I panicked. He sounded like he was on drugs, he was twitching, nervous and was talking about how I should have a gun because of the people, that there's bad people out there. He was looking for antibiotics but I think he was probably looking for other drugs. His name was Bob or Bill, can't remember. He said something about coming here to look for his father, then look for his mother, then meeting some Russian dude and living South. Oh yeah and that if I had a radio I could reach him on 94.6. Man, that guy was nuts, he kept trying to give me guns and just said something about optics and lining up shit. I mean, I have never really handled guns I don't even know a quarter of what he said, might as well have spoken Russian. He was warning me of people who eat other people, like, not some of those dead ones. I think he was probably on bath salts himself. He asked me if I had a radio, when I said no he became all paranoid and started running around me like a headless chicken "I don't like this, this doesn't feel alright" - yeah no shitting, tripping man. He also said something about a man living in a cabin or something. On the bright side, I'm so glad I took the can opener from the kitchen before we fled. There's still plenty of cans around, I keep finding them in houses. I should just avoid people, especially people with that many guns.
  • This is written on a couple of loose papers and stuffed in a protector case. A new chapter in my life. Aid stations, uneasy peace, subliminal beef. The quiet before the storm? I've been keeping myself busy, not sure where Joe is half of the time. I don't know where anyone is tbh. Payback's a b*tch. But at least there's some decent people around, the brits and Jason, a new survivor. Well at least he seems decent. Wonder how Ricky and everyone else is doing. Trader base has been ransacked, I'm guessing Woody and Tony. As quickly as someone can enter your life, they're out of it again, with no trace left. Guess that's the world we live in now.
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